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A beautiful morning.
"Mother Moon Approaches"
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Your eyes hold me captive

Your lips, every word

I hang on to.

Your smile lights up my soul

Your touch,

Passion without bounds.

I need you,


(c) MiKeSuLLiVaN 2013

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"Reaching… "

"Reaching… " http://wp.me/s259GU-reaching

I reach across the miles
To hold and comfort you
Calm you and relax you
From the stress and worry
That plagues you
Breathe me in slowly my love
Savour my air in your lungs
Let my peace flow
Into you and around you
Embracing you
Loving you
As you should be…

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"Truth…" http://wp.me/s259GU-truth

The truth is
I miss you.
I need you
More than perhaps
You’ll ever know
While we’re apart.
I need to hold you,
Your softness in my
Arms I crave.
You squeezing me tight
Never letting go.
Knowing you love me
Knowing you miss me
Is all I need to hear.

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"Silence at Sunset"


In this moment
My thoughts are with you.
Celebrating the life
Of a dear friend.
She had great influence
Upon you, yet
She has been taken away.
So precious,
Cherish them in your heart
For that is where she now
Your own guardian Angel,
She is with you now,
And will be.

~ ~ ~ New Beginnings ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ New Beginnings ~ ~ ~

Poetry & Pictures

Starting afresh with this blog. After a long time, I’ve found my direction, and what to blog about! It’s all thanks to a lady, my lady, Crissy, who has found a hidden talent of mine and encouraged me to nurture and develop it.

As a result, the words are flowing and, to my great surprise, people are liking what I write. I appear on Twitter, which is where all my poetry is being displayed as a starting point. My Twitter name is @Prince_Of_Poems.

So, the purpose of this Blog? Well, in conjunction with this, and my WordPress account - MikeSullivan1962 (which is being modified for purpose), will be where I display the poems I have already created on Twitter, and poems that are longer than the 140 character limit imposed on that social media site. I will also be displaying my photographs which sometimes I will pair with my words to create what my will be the name of my business - Poetry & Pictures.

I hope you will enjoy my work and perhaps go to my Twitter account to see my latest word creations. My Muse, naturally is my partner Crissy, for whom all my work is dedicated to.

All my work is copyrighted under MiKeSuLLiVaN, and my pictures under ThrOuGhMiKeSLeNs (Trademark)